Cities of the Sea


The City at Sea

The theme of the competition is 'The City.' Well, here are cities with a difference. They're big, and powerful, and capable of destroying any land-based city. They could devastate whole continents with their nuclear capability. These just aren't ordinary warships: each individual is a floating city.

Shops, barbers, tailors, cobblers, banks and libraries. A swimming pool and a desalination plant. Top cooks and chefs. Engineers, scribes, sonar and radar specialists. Pilots and aircrew. Aircraft and landing craft. A floating airfield. Chippies and sparkies, grease-monkeys, fish-heads and divers. Royal Marines and Ghurkas. A chapel, a padre, and a nuclear arsenal.

There is law, an Executive, and a Judiciary. There are police, fire service, and a hospital. There are meteorologists and physicists, trainers and administrators, hierarchical structures, discipline and obedience.

Entirely self-contained, these ships are true cities of the sea.

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